zenOSmosis is creating an interactive communications and virtual assistant platform that works across all devices and phones.

"zenOSmosis aims to become a natural language hub for the internet."
via PRLog (Sept. 13, 2014)


Speech recognition and intent interpretation is an industry where billions of dollars have been invested in research and development by big-name corporations.

However, by carefully selecting viable 3rd party vendors, we are building a speech / text driven solution which:

  • Harnesses the speech-driven R&D of our technological forefathers, through established vendor agreements.
  • Delivers an interactive experience, accessible through any internet connected device or analog telephone.
  • Gathers information from web searches, performs computational analysis, and dispatches work orders / job queues for autonomous servicing.
  • Enables businesses to market to new — and interact with existing — customers in new and unique ways.
  • Can replace current menu-based automated phone systems with context-driven discussions.

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We're in the process of doing a large mashup of several 3rd party APIs and breaking them down into 3 basic categories:

  • NLP APIs: Endpoints which provide Natural Language Processing services.
  • Information APIs: Endpoints which are information based (e.g. web searches, computational knowledge delivery, weather forecasts, currency exchange rates, speech translation, etc.)
  • Autonomous APIs: Endpoints which generate an action in the real world (e.g. home automation, food delivery, etc.)

If you, or your organization, would like to explore new ways to get connected, please contact us.